Friday, July 10, 2009

wow! a post! it's true!

i almost couldn't remember how to do this!

here's my explanation.

ie, "where the hell have i been," "why the hell haven't i been here," "who the hell do i think i am not being here?"

otherwise known as "the answers to dapoppins's questions"

well, first, there was that whole saving children from the inferno thing. i was a real hero that day.

then, of course, i was at a world peace conference. they listened to *none* of my ideas. particularly iran. they just would not listen to a thing i said. i said 'stop being so jerky.' they said 'no! die american!'*

after that it was off to convince a certain someone NOT to take their own life. mostly because i didn't want to listen to their songs over and over again until the end of time. well, we all know how *that* went.

after two items of failure, it was time to lay low for awhile. i needed to properly grieve.

i'll always remember farrah.

i'll always remember ed.

i'll always remember billy.

and the rest.

okay okay okay maybe i haven't been doing any of those things. if you want the 'where the hell have i been', here are the highlights:

first i had a book to do pictures for because i was presenting it to some children, allegedly, and then it turned out that only six children showed up.
i'm not bitter about that because HEY! all the pictures are done! but then i had to print the friggers off, after some photoshop touch-ups. i did an AMAZING job of getting two really polished packages off to agents. i know it was good because i got VERY FAST responses from them. both were no. one, though, said 'your ideas made me smile'.

yay. i am glad you smiled. hey, you know, your smiling would mean more if you could PUBLISH ME!!!

then there was a competition, the link of which will be available after i post this. results aren't available on that until next week. LONGEST.FORTNIGHT.EVER.

and in the meantime i have been playing softball because i missed it sooo sooo much. BUT the captain of the team went on holiday, so i said i would look after the team for him. this is something i don't think i ever want to do again without also having a very painful bikini wax just for fun.

sharkgirl was one of the main characters in a production of "the golden age of chocolate," otherwise known as 'the school's version of "charlie and the chocolate factory." i was EXTREMELY proud of her. i almost didn't notice my butt hurting from sitting in that chair for two hours. almost.

AAAANNND just because i thought somehow i had time for it, i agreed to do a website for my brother. i can do websites. static, functional websites. the one HE wants is done in FLASH!


and what did all that get me? a whole lot of pain.

just look at all my pains :

in particular, i have huge pains in my buttock-al region...

both sides! this cheek is mainly doin' sympathy pains. that i can do without!

so THAT pretty much sums up what's been going on.

oh wait...i also watched the whole first and second seasons of dexter, to prepare for the third. which i'm now two episodes behind on, because of aforementioned "stuff".

NEXT : i am soooo giving mother nature a good kick up the backside. she has been...what's the word? a beotch.

* = this is of course untrue. just had to make sure it was clear.


  1. Yay! A post!!!
    I was like, "Who? Zerilda WHO?! Oh, wait! Wasn't that the girl I used to talk to all the time about stabbings and such?"!!
    Love it. Sorry to hear about all the pains, but your ass is looking good, so that's always a bonus!
    "Dexter" is the shizz. My favorite!!!
    And I loves you. That is all.

  2. Yeah. Your butt does look reallllly fine. And i wish I got to hang out and say my good buys to all those dead folk too but I haven't saved anyone from a fire today. However, it is really hot!

    Thanks for answering my questions..I wasn't sure you would, seeing how popular you are and how frumpy I am. You always got to sit at the cool kids table, didn't you?

    And I love you too. I think we should start a fan club, that way when your famous you will already have one...

  3. Hope your buttock-al region recovers from buttock-al blues! Nice to see you :-)

  4. What?! You were told no?! Try the US markets? And your ass is looking good -- it has to be if you're going to dress it in corduroy!

    You may have noticed we aren't in Hawaii -- in fact, when you came by we'd just returned to Friday Harbor, WA from Vancouver Island, B.C. -- but as soon as Amoeba's oceanography class (he's teaching, not taking) ends we'll wing our way west.

  5. Yaay! I knew there was a reason I didn't take you off my Google reader when I was pruning the list yesterday!

  6. I wouldn't share my buttock-al region with the Internets for a million bucks. But wait. Michael Jackson died?

  7. Yay! A post! Hey - who are you? Oh I remember.
    So glad you saved all those kids from the inferno. Iran didn't listen to you? Are they nuts? Do they know who they are dealing with? ROTFL at MPM's comment. You broke it to her easy. :)

    Love the sidebar stuff too, expecially your commandments and your butterscotch drops. Didn't know you could buy them. Gonna look. Mmmmmm butterscotch.

    So missed you. Don't leave it so long. Got a smile on my face that will last a week. Or more.

  8. ~happy sigh~ Oh how I've missed you. Welcome back, babe.

  9. your bum looks awesome.
    One of my friends daughters mourned the loss of "Feral Fossil" to me....
    I figured YOU might appreciate that one...

  10. I remember your ass well; it is worthy of at least 2 photos.

    And may I say - the day I got those white leather Nikes with the red swoosh, I was certain my life was not a total failure. Loved the Farrah.

    Glad you're back, sorry for the pains.

  11. Welcome back! Love the post.

  12. I feel SO much better now ... and I am so very sorry for your butt.. those jeans are nice looking and seem to fit well ... xoxox

  13. fun post. what a tease it will be...if you don't post again for a month or more. aren't going to do that to me, are you?

  14. Love you. And your butt. xx And yay for Shark Girl. x


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