Monday, March 9, 2009

Qrazy Question Qsunday

Okay. I can't have these adventures on my own. I am bringing some people on board.

First up, a lovely lady from Portland, who is having her annual cake-eating day. Although I believe she can't eat cake. More's the pity.

To welcome her into club OH! MY! BOB! I have asked her for an exclusive interview. She said no. Then I said 'Oh come on, please? I'll give you a lock of my hair!' Then she said yes.

Everyone wants a lock of my hair these days.

Cami is no different.

Without further adon't...

Interview with Cami Kaos

Cami: [Word that rhymes with 'Schmite', in caps]. I FORGOT. I'm here until my friend shows up to drag me to Watchmen

Zerilda : i see how it is. what is watchmen? i wish someone would drag me to watch men.

Cami: super hero movie

Zerilda : niiiice. cute guys?

Cami: I don't know I haven't seen it yet. it just came out yesterday

Zerilda : oh . right. no trailers?

Cami: I am lame and do not waththings like that

I am to busy being fancy and wearing crowns and things

Zerilda : aaaah. no i don't watch much tv at all, so let's be lame together...?
aaah. nice. oh that's a good note to start off on.
under what circumstances do you find it necessary and unnecessary to wear a crown?

Cami: i wear crown whenever i feel regal

Zerilda : do you feel regal now?

Cami: yes

Zerilda : fantastic. because of tomorrow or just generally

Cami: generally. but tomorrow adds a little something special

Zerilda : because we are short on time, i'm moving on although i'd like to pursue this more. anyway... what foods WOULD kill you and are evil

Cami: white bread. hot dog buns (unless they're made with whole grains). white rice especially.

if it's white and it's carby
it's the devil

and anything with processed sugar

Zerilda : are there any foods that are evil that wouldn't kill you?

Cami: yes but those are evil for other reasons. they're evil because they're ucky and no one wants to eat them. like beets

Zerilda :


Cami: no

Zerilda : why no?

Cami: they make you pee blood and they taste like dirt

Zerilda : noo - you need the vinegar-soaked variety. they are nearly orgasmic [hi ma. let's pretend i said electrifying]. and i once *hated* beets. okay next - have you had bacon mayonnaise?

Cami: I don't eat mayo

Zerilda : there is a light version

Cami: unless it's in deviled eggs, which have the word deviled in them, but are not the devil. it isn't the fat it's the gross.

Zerilda : goooood call.

deviled is the only way i like eggs. or some foods

Cami: when i was a young teen my friends mother told us giving [Men a very nice time] was

like eating a hot dog with mayo on it

Zerilda : charming!

Cami: I find that though horrific, giving [Men a very nice time] is NOTHING like that

Zerilda : i'll have to change giving [Men a very nice time] to something that is family friendly, as my ma will read.

Zerilda : okay you have a manifesto, do you not? for world, taking over of ? or is it just a general plan to take over said world.

Cami: yes, but it has recently changed
I've made it much more realistic and I have associates now.
so we're keeping the manifesto secretive for the time being

Zerilda : oh! nice!

Cami: rest assured though I will take over

Zerilda : can your associates be named?

Cami: Not at this time.

the current plan for taking over the world is very real.

Zerilda : what will be your first and second acts when the world has been taken over?

Cami: we're starting with our fair city and then moving on to the rest of the world.

Zerilda : will i be among the killed?

Cami: and now I have to go watch a movie in the IMAX theater. my chariot awaits

Zerilda : one last question

Cami: go

Zerilda : does my bum look big in this?

Cami: No Zerilda you are a lovely creature and that is a very flattering chat box

Zerilda : thank you! have fun!


Well, this leaves many unanswered questions.

1) Will I be among the killed?

2) What was Watchmen like?

But otherwise, a lovely time was briefly had by both.



  1. Ok, I'm still ROTFLMAO over the "hot dog and mayonnaise LIE" and I'm wondering where your cautionary PG13 rating is in your header. Happy Birthday Cami.

  2. Have you ever had PICKLED eggs, aka, RED BEET eggs?? Fantastic. No celery required. Email me for recipe...includes beets and vinegar.

  3. I did not like the Watchman movie.
    But I do like Cami. She is family, after all. I hope the fact that I am her cousin spares me when she takes over the world.

  4. 1) You will not be killed... you're my blog wife baby...

    2)Blue Penis and a great deal of hand violence

    I wish we had more time... but I just laughed my butt off... and I love my crown and I ate evil devil killing me food today for my birthday

  5. Beets are the food of the devil.

    This was a great interview!

  6. Beets are fantastic - in any form!!!!
    Those hot dog pictures made me almost puke.
    Happy Birthday, Cami!
    She makes that crown look good. :D

  7. Okaaaayy I am on SERIOUS catchup here. So, fabulous interview, hope Cami has a great time at the movie and a great day and I am worried about your eyesight now.
    You know it could make you blind which is why men want YOU to do it for them. They value their eyesight. It's true. Honest.
    Deny them. It can work wonders. Mwuhahahahaha!

  8. I had bunch w/my foodie friend yesterday and she almost had a electrifying while eating a beet salad .. her reactions, while interesting to listen to cannot be replicated on this family friendly blog.

    Happy Birthday to Cami

  9. I love you. For serious.

    Happy Birthday Cami!

  10. My faith does not allow me to attend movies, but we are allowed puppet shows. We are also taught that certain foods are considered "unclean" and are proscribed by royal fiat. Some of the offending foods are arugula, Kraft sandwich spread, chick peas and PEZ candy. Other foods, such as Velveeta and also beaver livers may be consumed only as part of the annual Nachtengotten Tubafest, which is held every March 16th in the holy city of Dayton, Ohio. Pilgrims bearing ceremonial puppets enter the city by the old wooden bridge, and are then rounded up and forced to listen to "I Kissed A Girl" until religious ecstasy sets in, or they die. We need more converts. Free crowns. See Fred or Stacey at the blue tent.

  11. Argh! I'm late. Not for my period, because then I would be all, "I'M LATE!!! CRAP ON A CRACKER!!" Hope it was happy Cami!

    (And, what kind of mother tells her kid's friends about what it's like to please a man? And, what kind of men was she pleasing that the best she could come up with was hot dogs and mayo?!)

  12. Thanks for cluing me in to all this, ladies! I just now saw this here blog and figured out who it was. *sigh* Since when did you start using proper capitalization?

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